About Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership

H.E.L.P. was created as a Not For Profit Organization designed to assist in directly and indirectly providing aid & comfort for the Homeless in the community. It was forged out of an initial drive this past Summer by two private individuals who wanted to provide relief to the Homeless with backpacks filled with the daily essentials of toiletries, sunscreen, lip balm, baseball hats, and dental products.

We have delivered to date over 800 filled backpacks to organizations such as Lodestar, Mana House, Valley of the Sun United Way Project Connect, Andre House, Native American Coalition, Respite Shelter, Tumbleweeds, Phoenix Rescue Mission, in addition to direct outreach into the community.

As a result of our efforts we saw the need in areas that may be lacking in services and resources. Our intention is not to re-invent the wheel, or compete with the existing organizations. We see our mission in rather an ancillary service capacity. As a supportive source providing much needed resources where they may be lacking, which would allow the organizations to better utilizes and apply their own resources in areas such as triage, education, and social & economic development, and mental health areas, in an effort to re-assimilate those that wish the help. It is with a cooperative spirit that we will work with Homeless Shelters and Outreach Advocacy Organizations throughout the Valley who specialize in the area specifically pertaining to Homeless Veterans and Homeless Children & Youths, and Homeless Families that we are focusing our services.

It is our view that to improve the ‘Homeless Condition,’ it takes a massive effort on the part of the community at large. Engagement by the members of our community is essential to be successful. We also recognize that a very positive byproduct of this effort is an overall improvement in the social health of our community as a whole. It is also our goal to continue to develop means of engaging our families, friends, neighbors, business partners and colleagues to share in the effort to get involved.

It is our hope that we may together positively impact the lives of as many of the estimated 15,000 homeless in the Greater Phoenix Area as possible. It is the only way to affect a reductive change for the future.

“The True Measure of Any Society can be found in how
it treats its most vulnerable members”

– Ghandi

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